Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chicken Parmesan

Last night my grandfather cooked up some chicken Parmesan. I prefer to call chicken Parmesan chicken covered in an inch of tomato sauce, because that's what it is. The tomato is so overpowering you can barely taste the chicken, only that strong tomato can be tasted. That's about it really.


Today in class we decorated cupcakes, then ate them. 
How was it?
The cupcakes were pretty good. I found them to be moist, and well, cakey. You know that flavor you get from yellow cake? That sweetly bready weirdness? That is basically what it tasted like. Or really it's exactly what it tasted like, given that it was a cupcake.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cloud Dine (Canyons on-mountain eating)

Ok, sorry there are no pictures, I have had some trouble importing them from my camera.
Cloud dine
    When you're at Canyons ski resort & looking for some good food, look no further than Cloud Dine. 
The Food
   I got a cheese pizza, and I was reasonably impressed with it. The crust is incredibly crispy, almost like a cracker, and was absolutely covered in flour. You could taste the cheese very heavily, and the sauce was a little bit overpowering. It was definitely trying to bombard you with flavor.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

High West Brewery(Park city)

The front of the building

Ok, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking: "Sam, why would you go to a brewery for food? It makes no sense." To that I say ha! because you are the one who is missing out on some delicious food.
High West is located really close to the town lift. If you ski down to the town lift, take a right before crossing the bridge and walk into the building across the street. It is very easy to reach, and delicious to boot.
This is the burger. DELICIOUS!

The Food
I had the burger. THE burger. It was so delicious that I don't even know where to start. First thing to hit you is that this thing is giant. The picture just doesn't capture that. 
    The second thing, after taking a bite, is that this thing is HOT. It was right on that edge of adding heat as a flavor and burning your taste buds off. 
    The next thing is that it's all coming into this extremely high quality meat. This isn't a simple McDonalds burger, this is a BEAST.
    The cheese lent flavor to the meat, but it isn't the main event. This is all about the meat and just how good it is.
    The bun isn't left out either. It is a giant thing of bread slathered in some buttery substance that I don't know the name of.(Maybe butter)
The cheese fondue
    The cheese fondue is next, and it is nearly as good as the cheeseburger. The fondue has apple slices(ew), potatoes(ew), and bread(:D). The bread was a sourdough bread, but what really matters was the cheese.
    High West knows how to do cheese fondue. The cheese is slightly sour in a way(that may have been the bread) but it is not overpowering. It seems to have some mozzarella or similar cheese, as it had a very stringy texture. It really is good.
The heavenly fries.

  Next are the fries. The fries are deliciously crunchy and heavily salted. They aren't limited to salt though, as seasoning is another major player. These fries are expertly seasoned, allowing the seasoning to lend flavor and not overpower the potatoieness of the fries.(If you don't think that potatoieness is a word, than shut up.)
Final Thoughts
While the food is fantastic, that leads to another problem. This place gets really crowded and loud. I think this is a serious problem, and that does knock this down a point. High west gets 9/10.